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What is Message Dragon?

Message dragon is a secure messaging, audio, and video application based on open technologies. The under-the-hood media engine is capable of delivering high performance and quality on mobile devices and is compatible with the latest WebRTC / ORTC standards.

The auto-network discovery mechanisms ensures stable connections even when roaming across home, corporate, WiFi or LTE networks.

Message Dragon can be used out-of-the box on open networks or a private network. Best of all, Message Dragon can be custom branded with contextual messaging as an internal or public facing messaging solution. Integrate email, phone, personal, web or corporate identities.

For those who need more flexibility, the entire source code of the Message Dragon application is available for further customization.

Message Dragon has true end-to-end security, unlike most networks that only provide hop-by-hop security. Messaging services are not open to interception and scensitive information is not scanable to non-authorized entities. All information is encrypted and decryption keys are only available to authorized participants.

Message Dragon makes end-to-end security simple by leveraging modern open federated network architectures.

Why Trust Message Dragon?


Message Dragon is built by Optical Tone Ltd, founded by Robin Raymond. Robin is a known industry expert in real-time communications and secure open federated platforms. The architecture behind Message Dragon is completely open and transparent to be demonstratively secure and trustable, utilizing strong sophisticated public key encryption and block chain inspired technologies.

Security in today's world is paramount to defend against embarrassing communication leaks or compromising the privacy of sensitive information. With open technologies, trust is verified.

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Integrate as a Secure Messaging Platform

Using Message Dragon is the clear choice for a secure messaging platform.

Security and Privacy

End-to-End Security and privacy of the network are inherent to the entire fabric of the design and not treated as an afterthought.

Integrate and Brand

Change the branding. Adjust the functionality. Message Dragon is ready for deployment now and a variety of needs.


Fully documented, from simple branding changes to adding integration points, using APIs, and the full architecture.


Every step of integrating Message Dragon into a platform is backed by the support of Optical Tone's expert staff.

Highlighted Features

The capabilities of Message Dragon are varied and extensible. Below are a few highlights.

  • Young people leaning against a back wall looking at their phones smiling with connective bubbles above their heads with a variety of social networks illustrated.

    One App. Multiple Identities.

    Login to multiple social, corporate, or personal networks while maintaining privacy between them.

  • Business person holding phone and working tablet next to laptop.

    Multi-Device Synchronization

    Never miss a message. Login on multiple devices and messages and calls are synchronized across all devices.

  • Straw sun hat with old typerwriter in lightened dusty room

    History Reconstruction

    Lost devices are not a problem. Log into the new device and the message history is restored.

  • Man and woman leaning into each other as they watch their mobile phone with each sharing an earbud from the same phone

    Audio + Video

    Quality matters. Message Dragon uses a highly optimized mobile media engine for the best mobile experience.

  • Slightly worn beautiful blue door with wood sign and small metalic open sign upon it

    Open Architecture

    Compatible and extensible. The application architecture is based on an open initiative using standards based technologies.

  • Business person holding tablet flat with holographic globe extending above the tablet

    Cross Platform + Mobile

    Message Dragon is designed to run on Microsoft UWP, iOS, Mac, and Android using a common cross platform language.


Message Dragon has a variety of licensing options.

  • End-to-End Security
  • Limited Accounts
  • Multiple Devices
  • Group messaging
  • Social identity sign in
  • sign up
Corporate / Branded
  • End-to-End Security
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Multiple Devices
  • Group messaging
  • Social identity sign-in
  • Active Directory
  • Support
  • Custom Branded
  • sign up

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